Saturday, July 25, 2009

" Plain Jane "

" Man on the Move "

I noticed this guy riding up to a coffee shop in Ferndale Michigan. I waited about 15 minutes for him to come out. I shot 3 pictures in about 15 seconds. I never even got his name. Someone saw the shot later and said he was a local actor and played in a popular band .... if you know him, call me !

" Watch my Back "

" Is this gonna take long ? "

My son Noah during our annual Christmas card photo sessions mid December 2007. I always get the best shots while testing the lighting and never really knowing whats going to happen. This is what I love about shooting ...... These are the captured moments for me that are discovered.

Friday, July 24, 2009

"Ladies in White"


A traveling circus performer between acts. She enjoyed being photographed before and during shows. I called her on the road weeks later. The company was heading to northern Canada for several shows before getting back home to Milwaukee in the fall.

"Kids and Country"

" Will you see my pony tail ? ..... its not fake you-know.. " he mentioned.

"Seconds Out"

I wasn't sure if he was happy or sad.

"Some day I'll be there"

"Life Long"

"To my coffee"

July Attitude


" I will find my man ..... thank you Toko "

This kind lady talked my friend Toko into shooting a few head shots for her dating service photo. You never know what your gonna get, but the goodness in people usually shows up. Toko took great direction from me based on her expression ....... I smile every time I think of this moment.

" He said ...... She said "